Alive Wired provides the tools and expertise required to secure search engine rankings, drive traffic, and maintain a positive presence online.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

We start with our risk-free audit. We grade your meta titles and descriptions, URLs, site structure, Hx tags, internal and external links, on-page content and several other important search ranking factors. We combine this with extensive keyword and market research to arrive at recommendations and project scope before we engage in a client relationship.

SEO is an iterative process, and we combine rigorous project management with analytics from several sources to continually improve your search rankings and organic traffic. We layer on conversion rate optimization to increase leads and sales.

Content As Search Engine Marketing

We work with clients to ensure that all website content is optimized for search. We map keyword themes to pages and work with copywriters to make sure search engines understand what each page is about while maintaining brand voice and not interfering with conversion.

Developing and marketing new content on a regular basis is a highly effective way to build authority and a solid backlink profile. We work with clients to advise them on content strategy, and we will write and produce marketing collateral as part of our content marketing services — blogging, white papers, landing pages for new products or services, to name a few.

Social Media As Search Engine Marketing

Yes, social media are part and parcel of an effective SEO campaign these days. Social media signals — links, likes, shares — are a small but important ranking signal for search engines. We advise clients on social media and can manage social media campaigns as both a direct marketing strategy and to support broader search marketing goals.

Link Building For SEO

Links still matter a great deal in search and can yield tremendous ranking improvements when combined with other elements of your SEO campaign. We use social media and public relations tactics to promote your content for links, and we’re not afraid to simply ask for links from your trusted vendors, trading partners and customers. We strongly believe in only using “white hat” link building tactics, which cannot be said for many SEO consultants.

Technical Aspects of SEO

Content optimization and links only yield improved search results when combined with a solid technical framework. If search engines cannot effectively and easily crawl your site, all bets are off. We will work directly with your website designers and programmers to develop search friendly sites based on our years of experience in technical SEO for myriad content management systems.

Search Engine Optimization for Shopify

As certified Shopify Partners, we are experts at SEO on the Shopify platform. Each CMS has its quirks, and we have the experience to get more organic traffic to your Shopify store.

How We Track SEO Results

You’ll receive monthly reporting on our SEO project timeline, organic traffic data, conversion data and keyword rankings. What is a sale or a lead is worth to your company? We can directly correlate our search marketing efforts to your business goals and show you the return on investment for search engine optimization.

SEO Work Examples