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Zuora Subscribed Conference 14 Attendees
The Subscription of Everything: Reporting from Subscribed ’14
June 4, 2014 | By Matt Rogers

Flew to San Francisco Monday night to take in Subscribed ’14, a conference put on by Zuora, a subscription service innovator with clients like HP, Dell, Inuit and more. In short, Zuora provides a platform for clients that allows them to seamlessly manage subscription billings and integrate with ERP and accounting systems. In long, Zuora is at the leading edge of a transition to a consumer experience increasingly focused on subscription and ongoing services en lieu of mundane, unique transactions. Cases in point: Apple just bought Beats for $3 Billion, partly for its music subscription platform. Amazon has rolled out a Netflix-style entertainment system free to all of its Amazon Prime subscribers, who also get the benefit of easy product… Read more

Email Marketing Diagram
Four Easy Ways to Increase Email Marketing Revenue
May 23, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

You've started your e-commerce email marketing efforts by collecting emails in forms or at checkout and sending promotional emails per your promotional calendar. It's time to take it to the next level. Here are four tactics to grow your list and sell more. 1. Email Capture Pop-up The most effective way to grow your list size is to capture customer emails while they're browsing your site. Using a simple modal pop-up with an offer - $10 Off Your First Order! - is an effective list growth technique. Send a discount code instantly, then follow up with a welcome series that can include brand introduction, discount code reminder, new product showcase or social media offerings. Several email service providers provide email… Read more

Twitter Website Card Tweet Example
How To Use Twitter Website Cards
May 15, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

Twitter recently rolled out a new feature called the Website Card. It's a new way for advertisers to visually represent website content within a tweet and drive traffic directly to any page on a website. Website Cards are an improvement over the old model of attaching an image to a tweet and including the landing page link within the 140 characters. When you include the card, it appends the tweet with a clickable image, title and call-to-action. Will Twitter Website Cards Work? Twitter, of course, is claiming extraordinary benefits. Their beta advertisers had higher click-through rates, higher engagement rates and lower cost-per-click. I'm not terribly concerned about engagement rates, but I am looking for Website Cards to drive more traffic… Read more

Target.com Before After Relaunch
Steinhafel And The Bungled Target.com Relaunch
May 6, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

Yesterday, Gregg Steinhafel stepped down as CEO and Chairman of Target. Media coverage has rightfully cited the massive data breach and the money-bleeding expansion into Canada as causes. But lest we forget that he also presided over the bungled Target.com relaunch? (Disclosure: My wife works at Target. Disclosure #2: I shop there every weekend.) I think everyone remembers the great Missoni crash of 2011? That was one of six major Target.com outages leading up to the holiday shopping season. At least they had a darling crash message. Moreover, Target put on a clinic in how not to redesign an e-commerce website. All this eventually led Steve Eastman, president of Target.com, to step down. Target has a lot of "comps" in… Read more

Shopify Wordpress Integration Client Easy Oskey
Embed Your Shopify Store in WordPress
February 10, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

Do you have an existing website on which you'd like to sell your products? With the Shopify plugin, you can embed a shopping cart without having your customers leave your primary website. The Shopify Widget App integrates with content management system like Wordpress, Tumblr, Joomla or Drupal, making it super easy to add ecommerce functionality on top of an existing website. One of our Alive Fulfillment clients, Easy & Oskey, sells its custom bitters to bars and liquor stores. They came to us when they wanted to start selling the bitters kits directly to consumers. With just a snippet of code, we incorporated the Shopify widget into their current Wordpress site: shop Make Your Own Bitters Kits. This is a… Read more