How To Use Twitter Website Cards

May 15, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

Twitter recently rolled out a new feature called the Website Card. It’s a new way for advertisers to visually represent website content within a tweet and drive traffic directly to any page on a website.

Website Cards are an improvement over the old model of attaching an image to a tweet and including the landing page link within the 140 characters. When you include the card, it appends the tweet with a clickable image, title and call-to-action.

Will Twitter Website Cards Work?

Twitter, of course, is claiming extraordinary benefits. Their beta advertisers had higher click-through rates, higher engagement rates and lower cost-per-click.

I’m not terribly concerned about engagement rates, but I am looking for Website Cards to drive more traffic at a lower cost. The Website Card format shows promise as a better driver of clicks-through. But don’t take Twitter’s word for it. Make sure you’re using Twitter’s analytics and your own website analytics to measure leads and sales.

How to Make a Twitter Website Card

1. Log into the using your Twitter user and password.

2. In the top navigation, go to Creatives > Cards.

3. Choose the Website serial button and click “Create Your First Website Card”.

4. Enter the following details:

    • Card image: Make sure it adheres to the recommended 5:2 aspect ratio.
    • Website title: This is the anchor text within the tweet to click to your page.
    • Website URL: The landing page where you want to drive clicks.
Twitter Website Card Setup

How To Use Twitter Website Cards

Now you can add the new Website Card to any tweet, either to your followers or within an advertising campaign.

1. Within the Twitter ads platform, navigate back to Creatives > Cards > Website.

2. Click on the Plume icon to create a tweet.

3. The new tweet will automatically include the link to your card. Keep that in there and compose your tweet before it.

4. On the Delivery tab, select either Standard (to tweet to your followers) or Promoted (to add to one of your existing campaigns).

5. If you selected Promoted, click the Promotion tab to select the campaign to associate it with.

6. Click Tweet!

As a Promoted Tweet, you’re charged on a cost-per-engagement basis. Hopefully with this new ad format, those of us seeking website traffic will be pleased with the higher click-through rates.

Lastly: Dear Twitter, please let me edit the lame call to action, “Read more”. Thanks!

Twitter Website Card Tweet Example


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