Four Easy Ways to Increase Email Marketing Revenue

May 23, 2014 | By Jeffrey Kemnitz

You’ve started your e-commerce email marketing efforts by collecting emails in forms or at checkout and sending promotional emails per your promotional calendar. It’s time to take it to the next level. Here are four tactics to grow your list and sell more.

1. Email Capture Pop-up

The most effective way to grow your list size is to capture customer emails while they’re browsing your site. Using a simple modal pop-up with an offer – $10 Off Your First Order! – is an effective list growth technique. Send a discount code instantly, then follow up with a welcome series that can include brand introduction, discount code reminder, new product showcase or social media offerings.

Several email service providers provide email capture functionality out of the box. Another great option is PadiAct, which integrates with darn near everything.

Email Capture Pop-up

2. Post-Purchase Series

If your e-commerce platform doesn’t have email marketing functionality, this may take a little work to integrate your order management system with your email service provider. It’s worth the effort, because knowing what someone bought is the easiest indication of future purchase intent.

Create cross-selling and up-selling email series based on the specific product purchased, the product category or the order value. For example, a customer buys a $300 German nutcracker, so we would assume that she is interested in other authentic German collectibles. Over the next few weeks, we hit her up with series of emails for discounted authentic German smokers and cuckoo clocks.

3. Reorder Reminder Series

Most companies have the opportunity to resell non-durables and should aggressively remind their customers to reorder. The most important variable here is timing. If you know your product lasts two months, make sure you’re sending reminder emails at six and seven weeks post-purchase. The customer didn’t reorder after two months? Send a reminder with a discount code.

4. Abandoned Cart Series

Only 30% of customers who add a product to their cart will complete the purchase. The most effective way to combat cart abandonment is with email reminders. Many e-commerce platforms have a cart abandonment email trigger, or you can use a service like SeeWhy.

The best reminder emails require custom email design to pull cart contents into the body of the email, but even less sophisticated reminders can do the trick. Let’s be honest: sometimes customers don’t complete the purchase because they get distracted and need a little nudge!

Abandoned Cart Email

Go Beyond Batch-And-Blast

Work these four tactics into your marketing mix and you’ll grow your list and sell more. And in case you couldn’t tell, I sold a lot of German Steins at my last job.
Email Marketing Diagram