About Alive

Dear Alive Wired guests,

Glad to have you here. Please take a spin through our many services and browse our featured work, which I trust you’ll find is of the highest quality.

In 2009, I founded Rooster Communications with the idea of providing competitively priced, high quality website design and development, search engine marketing and social media marketing. In 2013, Rooster merged with Alive Fulfillment to better serve our customers with overlapping needs at the intersection of ecommerce, internet marketing and order fulfillment.

We brought on an internet retail professional, Jeff Kemnitz, as the founding agency director for our new venture – Alive Wired!

In all, we think you’ll find we’re a great partner to help you move your business forward. Please contact us to discuss your business goals and how we can provide competitively priced website and marketing services to ensure you reach them.

We have a great workspace and warehouse out in Rogers, MN. Come visit. It’s not too fancy, but that’s how we like it.


Matt Rogers